Have you heard about ink Smooching, Smooshing or Smudging but you have no idea where to start. In this post you’ll find lots of different ink smooshing techniques and to make it even more fun they all have some fabulous names.

You’ll see the regular ink smooching technique but also a few fun new ways, this techniques is also great for beginners.

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

Ink Smooching is super fun way to add colour to your paper and make some gorgeous backgrounds as a start for your favorite projects, from cardmaking up to art journaling and Mixed Media.

The technique has many names, ink smooshing, smooching or smudging but it’s all applying ink with a kind of plastic, acetate mostly but here I will show some other ways of smooshing too.

I have given the 9 different techniques a name, on my YouTube channel in the community tab I asked my audience to come up with fun names for the new ink smooching techniques and I got some great responses. A number of those names you’ll see back here.

Ink smooching is so much fun, it’s not hard at all and there are lots of ways to get different results. Make sure to watch the video to see all techniques and their fun names at work.

Technique One Double Decker Smoosh

This technique is building with layers hence the term Double Decker. 

For this technique I used the regular Distress inks, this ink is transparent so the layers are more visible. The ink colours and products I used for these cards are at the end of this post.

Technique Two Sloppy Smooch

A super simple technique with a nice sloppy effect.

Here I used a small strip of acetate to add the colour.

Technique Three Reverse Smooch

Lets turn things around, this technique is done backwards and also gives a fun result.

The cards are kept very basic with fun doodles and white flowers this way the background really shows. Often not much is needed to make prretty cards.

Technique Four Surprise Smooch

The surprise smooch is a guarantee to give you a fun unexpected result you get with. Are you brave enough to try it out?

By using plastic wrap or cling wrap you’ll get an instant subtle texture on your background making this technique another fun one to try out yourself.
For the cards different shades of green are used, but you can add some contrast colours like a pretty pink to spice up the cards if you like a more bold look.

Technique Five French Smooch

This is a variation on the previous technique but a bit more wet because of the use of Oxide ink sprays.

Out of this background I cut the flower and used it on the second card, this ways you get two cards in one take.

Technique Six Folded Smooch

This is so simple but gives a super fun effect the folded smooch another technique with plastic wrap which is a great craft supply to have on hand. Maybe I use it even more for crafting then in the kitchen:-)

With lots of texture and all that with just one layer, so it’s a really fast technique, always great to have on hand when you don’t have much time to play.

Technique Seven Smooch of Doom

And now the Smooch of Doom, I changed one of the suggestions a bit as the smooch of death was a bit too macabre for paper crafting or more for Halloween:-)

Technique Eight Butterfly Smooch

On with the next technique the butterfly smooch I love butterflies so I had to add that one as a name. The butterfly smooch is very light to the touch just like butterfly kisses.

For this technique I only used two colours and it gives a super fun effect as the colours mix and you’ll get even more colours from soft to a bit more deeper colours.

Technique Nine Precision Smooch

Now the last technique the Precision Smooch or Gerry’s Smooch.

I thought of this one when I first saw the ink smooching technique browsing the internet and though I liked the look I wanted a way to add the ink more precise in certain areas

Another thing I wanted to adjust, when using acetate you always get some sort of line when lifting it because you have to bend it to lift it.

And I wanted a way to get around that and that’s when I came up with the Precision Smooch.

I hope you liked the fun smooching techniques and give it a go yourself. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!