Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have the new Nuvo Glacier Pastes for you and 7 ways how you can use them. This gorgeous paste with Mica flakes has a beautiful shine and shimmer and it is smooth once dry. This paste will be great for coming holiday season cards when you love to add some sparkle to your projects and the softer and warm colours are great for winter projects too.
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The Glacier Paste works great with stencils, has the feel of soft peanut butter and is very easy to apply. The techniques are very easy also great for beginner crafters so be sure to watch today’s video to see all techniques in action.

I have four of the six colours Glacier Paste and I made some colour swatches on white and black paper cut with Tim Holtz Stacked Tags ( SBC | CST ). I used Tim Holtz Mini Layering stencils Set 30 ( SBC ) and Set 28 ( SBC ) to add the texture, I used a few techniques I show in the video for future reference and to spark ideas, it’s always great to have some colour swatches on hand.

The first background show you three ways to use the paste. On black and white card and with a stencil. I started with the white Craft Perfect Ultra Smooth Card ( CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and I applied a layer of  Nuvo – Glacier Paste – Green Envy ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) through the Tim Holtz – Layering Stencil – Slate ( SBC ). I used the Nuvo – Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) to apply the paste and they are great for work like this and they fit right into the jar.

For the black card I used CraftEmotions ProSilk Card black (CraftEmotions is a Dutch Brand that sells to retailers
https://www.craftemotions.nl/nl/) and I love the look of the paste on the black card too.

For the next card I used Glacier Paste – Golden Era ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and I applied the paste with a Nuvo – Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) through a Tim Holtz – Layering Stencil – Mini Set 30 ( SBC ).

I used the stencil to make a ghost print on the second card. And I used another one of the stencils from the same set to add another layer. This makes a fun background for a mixed media project.

For the next card I used the Glacier Paste – Golden Era ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) with the Tim Holtz – Layering Stencil – Mini Set 30 ( SBC ) with the Nuvo – Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) again. And I added the stencil with the paste on the second card and with the paste facing up and rubbed it off the stanciol with a wet wipe, this makes a fun faux Ghost print.

For the next technique I used a sponge to add the Glacier Paste – Frostbite ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) to the top of the card and I wiped it down a bit with very little.

I added another layer with the Nuvo – Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) and the Tim Holtz – Layering Stencil – Tiles ( SBC ) to create a fun background.

This is another technique which gives a gorgeous result, one of my favorites. I started with adding Nuvo – Glacier Paste – Frostbite ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) through one of the American Crafts – Wildflower and Honey Collection – Stencil Set – Icons ( SBC ) this comes in a set of three. I added the paste again with the Media Spatulas ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ).

Then I added the next colour Glacier Paste – Green Envy ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and I blended both colours together.

For the white card I used the leftover bits on the Wildflower and Honey Collection Flower Stencil ( SBC ) and added them on the white card not filling the complete card to get a grungy distressed look and look what a fun effect
this is.

For the next background, another favorite technique, I used another one of the Wildflower and Honey Collection Honeycomb Stencil ( SBC ) and a sponge to apply the paste. I used three colours Glacier Paste – Frostbite ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) 
Golden Era  ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC )
and Green Envy ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and added them like I would with ink, dabbing and in a circular motion.

The Honeycomb stencil has a fun grunge look which is really cool. You could also use an ink blending tool for this if you prefer that for cleaner hands

This is another take on the sponge technique, I added Glacier Paste – Green Envy ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) with a sponge in the middle of the black card. Then I added the Glacier Paste – Golden Era ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) in two corners not filling up the page completely. And I blended the pastes out where they touched each other. this makes a gorgeous galaxy background.

Another technique you can do with the pastes is using a brush to apply it. I cut a heart out of Craft Perfect – Greyboard ( TNCUK | TNC ) and coloured it with Glacier Paste – Golden Era ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and I used a Nuvo – Nylon Brushes ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) to colour the heart,

The heart is part of the Tonic Studios Media Die Set Cupid Collection ( CRF | CST | TNCUK ). The Media dies can cut lots of different materials, Craft Perfect – Greyboard ( TNCUK | TNC ) being one of them and I love that.
With the Glacier Paste you can colour greyboard and you don’t need a base layer like gesso, the paste is opaque and covers with one layer. I used the Nuvo – Nylon Brushes ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) to add the paste to the heart, the paste is smooth like thick paint and easy to use with a brush.

I hope you liked this post and makes you want to create fun projects yourself. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!