Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a super cool technique to share with Nuvo alcohol markers on Yupo paper. And the result you get is amazing and it’s super easy, you get all the fun and a result gorgeous with less mess, how cool is that.

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you.)

I have another video with alcohol inks where I show you a few techniques on how to get texture, from easy to a bit more advanced. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out. You can find it here.

For these backgrounds I used alcohol markers, this works a bit different then with alcohol inks, it’s super easy and it is a great way to stretch your products. Be sure to watch the video to see how this is done.

For all cards I used Ranger Yupo Paper ( SBC ), this super smooth plastic kind of paper works great with alcohol ink and also with the markers for this technique.
On this card I used the Nuvo Alcohol Markers Aquamarine ( SBC | CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC

 I also used pure alcohol for this background with a Nuvo – Nylon Brush ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) to get the fun texture.

The monstera leave is by Craft Emotions 115633/0214  (a wholesale company that sells to retailers worldwide)

For this card I used the Nuvo – alcohol markers – Rosy Pinks ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and the texture you get is so amazing and gorgeous.

Here I used the Alcohol Blending SolutionSBC | JGG ) which I like because it has the fine tip so you can get smaller drops.

On this card I used the Alcohol Markers – Apricot Ombre ( SBC | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) and these colours are really bright together with the yupo paper and blended with the Alcohol Blending SolutionSBC | JGG ). 
The texture is so gorgeous on all cards I just can’t get over it
On this card I used the Tim Holtz Detailed ButterfliesSBC ) This set has two big butterflies and I really love them, you can use them all year round, any day is a good day for butterflies:-)

On this card I used the Palma Violets markers SBC | CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) and besides the three colours that are in each set, you get more colour shades when using the Alcohol Blending Solution ( SBC | JGG ).

On this card I also used the Tim Holtz Detailed ButterfliesSBC ) and finished with a simple printed sentiment like I used on all cards.

For this card I used the Woodland Greens alcohol markers SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and a slightly different technique to add the blending solution like I show in the video.

It’s always fun to play around and see what result you get. If you like to try the alcohol blending solution and you’re not quite sure if you’ll like it you can try first with a small bottle Alcohol Blending Solution ( SBC | JGG )

The Fern
 are also by Craft Emotions 115633/0213 

On this card I used the Sunshine Yellows ( SBC | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and you do need your sunglasses for the super bright and happy colour mix.

I used the  Craft Emotions monstera leave 115633/0214 again, the set has two sizes and I cut them in white and yellow to make them pop a bit more.

I hope you like this post, thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!