Behold, the Amsterdam Acrylic Paints – meticulously crafted in the artistic haven of the Netherlands. Perfectly priced and effortlessly wielded, these paints are your ticket to artistic brilliance, whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned creator. 

These acrylic paints are easy to use, making them an excellent choice for paper crafters and cardmakers. They can be mixed with water or mediums or used as they come. To clean you only need soap and water.

They are quick drying and non-toxic, so they are perfect to use on your papercrafts and with kids.

🎨 Features that Make Them a Must-Have:

Versatility at its Best: Mix these acrylic wonders with water or mediums to unlock endless possibilities. Easy to blend, they let you create your masterpiece with ease.

🖌️ Thick Consistency for Oil-Like Mastery: Dive into the world of rich, oil-type effects with their lusciously thick consistency. Making them perfect for creating gorgeous texture as well as for smooth applications.

🌈 Quick-Drying Magic: No more endless waiting! These paints dry at lightning speed, ensuring your artistic vision comes to life in no time.

🌿 Non-Toxic Wonder: Keep the art room safe! These paints are non-toxic, making them perfect for classrooms and creative spaces where inspiration knows no bounds.

🚿 Effortless Cleanup: Forget the hassle. Cleaning up is as easy as a splash of soap and water – making your post-creation routine a breeze.

Enhance Your Painting Experience with These Additions:

🌬️ Dosing Nozzles, Package of 5: Paint with precision! Our dosing nozzles fit both 75 ml and 120 ml tubes of Amsterdam Acrylic Color, letting you create with accuracy and ease. Each package includes 5 nozzles.

The tubes come in singles as well as in various sets.

🌈 Set of 6 Colors, 20 ml Tubes: Dip your brushes into a world of vibrant hues with this perfect set of six 20 ml tubes. Ideal for those eager to test the waters of Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylics – it’s a palette that sings with endless possibilities.

Exclusive @BLICK Art Set of 5, Primary Colors, 120 ml, Tubes With 3 Nozzles – Includes six 120 ml (4 oz) tubes of Titanium White, Azo Yellow Light, Naphthol Red Medium, Ultramarine, Oxide Black, three free dosing nozzles.

In Gerry’s Craft Room, we believe every splash of colour should be a celebration, and Amsterdam Acrylic Paints are here to make your crafting journey an artistic extravaganza! 🎨✨


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