Today I want to show this fun bag with die “Lucy” by Creative Expressions, a background with ink and the GelliPlate and a new closure you can make yourself.

I used Versacolor ink refils, it works super economic and you get a bit more color than with a stamp pad.

Here are a few steps on the Gelli Plate, I also made a video where you can see the swhole process.

As “tools” for the Gelli Plate I used embossed paper, I rather use the paper than the embossing folders, you don’t have to clean the paper:-)

And some of my other “tools”, a bunch tied together will give cute little dots.

Check all the pictures off the closure first, so you know how it works and I goes right the first attempt:-)
For the closure I have a circle and 3 pieces of skewer, 2 short and 1 longer, painted white for a nice finish 

Glue the sticks to the back, short pieces a little apart and the longer one in between, let dry 

And now the closure on the bag, measure the distance of the longest stick and make holes in the bag a bit less apart than the  ends of the stick.
Also draw the place of the holes on the paper that will come on the bag

* Through the holes come loops to put the stick through, you have to be able to move it sideways

Make little strips that fit through the holes, measure with the stick  how much space you need for the loop
The size of the stick + a bit so it easily fits 
glue the strips to the back 

The folded part with the holes fits right over the loops 

And the circle can now slide into the loops 
On this picture you can see the lenght of the sticks in relation to the loops 

Tip: You can use all kinds of shapes for the closure, just adjust the length of the sticks and distance of the loops 

You can also cut the same colored paper with dies perfectly 

Here I made a heart shaped closure 

I hope that this will give inspiration for some wonderful crafting time and don’t forget to enjoy!

Happy Crafting!
Gerry van der Velden 

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