Hi lovely crafty friends, let’s keep it simple and try working with cardstock only for your cardmaking, it’s fun. 

You’ll learn some fun ways and techniques with cardstock that are also very doable when you’re a beginner crafter. There are a few cool ways in the video to use up paper scraps and you’ll get a few die cutting hacks to help you in your paper crafting and make your supplies last longer.

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In this video tutorial you’ll see cardmaking ideas with just cardstock and dies, no added colouring or embellishing products. It’s fun to see how far you can stretch your products by getting the most out of your cardstock. So be sure to watch today’s video to see all techniques in action.

You can watch it by clicking above or watch it on my YouTube channel.

There’s another video waiting for you, using cardstock only to give you even more ideas. If you haven’t seen the 7 Ways To Use 1 Background Die Cardstock Only video yet, make sure to check it out

When you are inspired to challenge yourself using cardstock only in your cardmaking then just give it a go. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!