• DIY Fancy Spacer Beads

    Hi lovely crafty friends, for some reason DIY Fancy Paper Beads seem to be extremely popular these last couple of weeks.  Could it be a perfect summer craft? Maybe lots of people are in desperate need of paper beads or want to shrink their stash… It did spark the idea for a new paper beads […]

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  • Dripping Mask Technique Art Journal Page

    Hi lovely crafty friends, sometimes you are working on a project and you have no idea how to move on. What is the next step, do you want to add a bit or a lot? Stamp or die-cut, spray or ink, flowers or geometrical shapes, so many options, making it hard to choose. That’s exactly […]

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  • ALL about MICA POWDER Part 2

    Hi lovely crafty friends, last week I took you on a little trip, where I showed you how I go about trying and testing a product that I like. This week I will have another playing session with Mica Powder and more cool ways to use it. Again you can explore the possibilities of Mica […]

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  • ALL about MICA POWDER Part 1

    Hi lovely crafty friends, I am going to take you on a little trip, I am going to show you how I go about trying and testing a product that I like. This week I will be playing with Mica Powder and you can explore the possibilities of Mica Powder right alongside me. You’ll learn […]

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  • The coolest PAPER CRAFTS for SUMMER

    Hi lovely crafty friends, we are already in the middle of July which means we have entered summer holiday season. Whether you are going away or staying at home, having your own kids to entertain or grandkids come over, paper crafting is always fun. So I have lined up a bunch of fun crafts to […]

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    Hi lovely crafty friends, every now and then it’s fun to go back to basics, and tone things down if you will. Using cardstock is one of those supplies everyone has and letting those colours soak in is great for inspiration. When you can use up some scraps in the meantime, it’s a total win-win […]

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  • 5 EXTREMELY useful masking techniques you want to try ASAP

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have some of the best techniques to have in your “Crafting Tool Box”. Let’s cover Masking, Hiding and Blocking, pun intended. These techniques are some most useful ones that you can use over and over again. Including one that sounds pretty scary but it’s totally worth it:-) All techniques […]

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  • Buckle Up Secret Lock Card

    Hi lovely crafty friends, fun or fancy fold cards are among the coolest cards to make, add in a secret lock or hidden closing and you’ve got a winner! Totally inspired by the wonderful comments I’ve gotten on the first secret lock card I came up with another cool idea. Today I have a new Secret […]

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  • How To Create Amazing Huggable Cards

    Hi lovely crafty friends, what is the first thing you do when you get a handmade card? You look at it obviously and then you feel, go over some texture with your fingers, maybe even sniff on it:-) So I was thinking, why not make a “feel” card on purpose with a nice soft touch. […]

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  • Super Simple DOUBLE LAYER FOILING technique

    double foiling two for one technique

    Hi lovely crafty friends, I have another fun foiling technique. The shiny foil has so many wonderful ways and options to use on your projects. Today the focus is on double foiling and two-in-one backgrounds, so double the fun again! https://youtu.be/WjckNgRmqPs All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. Make sure to watch […]

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  • How To Easy SLIDE to HIDE Card You Can Make!

    slide to hide cards

    Hi lovely crafty friends, making special different and “out of the ordinary” cards is so much fun and the results are quite stunning. Because I have had such great responses on the “Secret Lock Card” that it got me thinking. So I cooked up another one for you and the fun part, it is not […]

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  • Cardstock Only Cards, Scraps, Strips and Beyond

    cardstock only card ideas

    Hi lovely crafty friends, one of my passions is paper, the colours, the techniques and cool ways to use it are endless. Today I will dive into my box with cardstock scraps, trying to shrink that pile and make some fun and happy cards in the meantime. All techniques and ideas are shown in the […]

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