• Fancy Paper Beads

    Fancy Paper Beads

    Hi lovely crafty friends, if you have been here before you know I love to use colours and I love to make embellishments and fun details to decorate my projects. Today I want to show you paper beads and not some dodgy ones, nope, really pretty ones. (All supplies are linked to different stores at […]

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  • Easy Techniques For Lazy Crafters

    simple techniques for lazy crafters

    Hi lovely crafty friends, do you ever feel a bit lazy but you do want to craft without being too fussy about it. I have a bunch of simple and doable techniques that will get you started. (All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different […]

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    cardstock only cards

    Hi lovely crafty friends, cardstock is still one of my personal favourites and there are so many cool projects you can make with plain old cardstock. So today the focus is on cardstock only and I have teamed up with Ardyth again for this.  We are both going to make three cards giving you some […]

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    trash into trinkets

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have some scraps that I will be using to finish my cards. And yes I mean those teeny tiny pieces that always end up in the trash. Because among them you can find the cutest of shapes and I for one are all for using as much cute as […]

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  • RE-USE those USED wet wipes

    re-use used wet wipes

    Hi lovely crafty friends, remember that pile of wet wipes I produced last week? I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could use the dry, soft and fluffy ones again?  So that’s exactly what I did and I had a lot of fun doing so, let me show you! (All supplies are linked […]

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  • How To Avoid A Mess With Stencils & Pastes

    stencils and pastes

    Hi lovely crafty friends, are you struggling with getting a pretty copy of your stencil whenever you are using them with pastes? Then keep on reading because I have created something special for you, to help you get over that issue once and for all! (All supplies are linked to different stores at the end […]

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  • Super Simple Wet Wipe Painting

    simple wet wipe painting

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a super-fast technique to colour backgrounds. I think this is one of the most simple and fun ways to use paint for colouring a background. I love this technique, and today I give it a fun twist by adding one more step. (All supplies are linked to different stores at […]

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  • How To Use Free Texture For Layering Creating Stunning Backgrounds

    Hi lovely crafty friends, making your projects stand out is super easy just by adding some texture. And you’ll be surprised how something simple, can give you the best effects. I am going to show you a few easy ways to add texture for free using painter’s tape so make sure to stick with me:-) (All supplies are linked […]

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  • Simple Ways To Add Dimension To Make Your Cards Awesome

    dimension and layers

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today it’s time to expand because we are going to talk dimension. Layers on your projects is a fun way to take them to the next level, literally:-) Dimension also will help your projects come to life. I’ll show you my favourite ways to add depth and interest to your projects […]

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  • I need your help!

    Hi lovely crafty friends, I need your help! I’ve put together a list with a few questions, that I’d love for you to answer. This will help me find out what it is you want to see from me this year. If you could take a few minutes to add your answers, I would greatly […]

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  • Messed Up Embossing Technique That Totally Rocks!

    messed up embossing

    Hi lovely crafty friends, Sometimes things don’t go as planned and that’s not always a bad thing. Let me show you what started good, turned bad and then let into a super cool result. The messed up embossing technique, I will teach you how you can mess it up too! (All supplies are linked to different […]

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  • USING your STASH is the NEXT COOL thing!

    Hi lovely crafty friends, I am a firm believer in using my stash. That’s one of the reasons I show so many different options and techniques with the same dies stencils inks and so on. I’d love for you to also check your stash first, whenever you want to start a project. Adding to your stash is great […]

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