Hi lovely crafty friends, we are already in the middle of July which means we have entered summer holiday season. Whether you are going away or staying at home, having your own kids to entertain or grandkids come over, paper crafting is always fun.

So I have lined up a bunch of fun crafts to do in summer or winter depending on where you are based:-) 

Using plain cardstock is always a cool way to see where your creativity is taking you. It comes in many colours and the possibilities are endless. 

In this video tutorial, I show you lots of ways to make cardstock-only cards and use up scraps too. With dies and embossing folders you can take them to the next level in a super simple way. Besides using some glue it is basically mess-free as well!

Here is a list of some of my favourite cardstock and tools for you to check out. 

Next in line is a fun or fancy fold card. The SLIDE TO HIDE SECRET LOCK CARD is pretty easy to make. All you need is cardstock and patterned paper, some tape and glue. Fancy your cards up with some die-cut shapes or leave them plain to add a sentiment later.

You can even make it outside while getting some fresh vitamin D, make sure to bring a paperweight or use a rock so the paper doesn’t try to escape:-)

Use the GUIDE to pre-cut the patterned paper and cardstock. You can grab the GUIDE below, just leave your name and email and instructions are coming your way!

Here’s all Slide To Hide info together in one Guide. Measurements in inch and centimeters included. 
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When you are having a holiday or in summer or any other season for that matter, keeping it simple can be a great way to tone things done.

Check out these cool ways to use just ONE COLOUR INK to make gorgeous backgrounds. 

A great way to use up some patterned paper scraps is to turn them into beads. You can go for simple ones or make them super Fancy in a few simple steps. Learn all about how you can make you can make YOUR OWN FANCY BEADS.

This video tutorial also comes with a FREE Guide that you can grab below.

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When you are going away on a trip packing your craft supplies can be a bit of a challenge. But not if you are thinking in minimal supplies and just some ink and paper. 

Here are some cool ways to make backgrounds and cards with ink and a few simple things you may already have in your stash.

Check out the INK ONLY BACKGROUND VIDEO to see what you want to pack.

Cardstock is such a cool craft supply to use, and those scraps are just too good to throw out. So here are some more ideas to make CARDSTOCK ONLY CARDS using your scraps, strips and beyond.

Maybe you just can’t get enough of cardstock card ideas… Then make sure to check out the PLAYLIST with the best ways to use your CARDSTOCK!

Here is the list of some of my favourite cardstock and tools.

Have a great time browsing and pick your favourites to try yourself and share this post with friends who are in need of some fresh ideas as well!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!


I have listed my favorite craft supplies below, these are my go-to products I always have in my stash!