craft along flip-o-dex

Hi Lovely CFF’s, I want to announce a special edition for the Craft Along, this one will be all about the “Flip-O-Dex”. We will be making one from scratch and some cards to add to it as well.

This will make such a great gift for birthdays or create them for the coming holiday season. I am super excited because it’s not hard at all and with the best tricks, it’s going to be pretty and you can fold it flat so it fits in an envelope.

Also special is that I will be doing this two times on Saturday, September 18th

The links above will take you to the “Flip-O-Dex” page where I have all information together and you can check out all details. That’s also the place where you will find the link to sign up. 

The Craft Along will be interactive, you can join me in making the “Flip-O-Dex”. I will be using Jenine’s Mindful Art New Awakenings Memory Dex Die Set ( JGG | ECS ) and paper pads, but this project is great to use up those scraps as well.

These sessions will be all about making the “Flip-O-Dex” and as many memory dex cards to go along with it as we can squeeze in about 1,5 – 2 hours.

craft along flip-o-dex

If you are curious and would like more general information about the “Craft Along Sessions”, you can go to the Craft Along Sessions page where I explain it all.

There will also be a link to these sessions. 

See you in the Craft Along and in the meantime make sure to keep on crafting!