The main supplies we are going to use are from the gorgeous line by Just Lou called Mindful Moodling, as you can see in the picture.

I will be showing you a few different pages with the stamps, the stencils and the rice papers. You can pick any of these that you like best, product, colour and pattern-wise, and if you prefer scrapbook papers, you can choose to work with that also.

Below is a link to a visual supplies list, the Just Lou Mindful Moodling products are available at and linked to in the US and at Ecstacy Crafts in Canada. If you’re not based in the USA or Canada you can search online for these products. (The company is a Dutch Company so the products should be easy to find and be available in Europe too)

I will be working in my Joggles Smooth and Sturdy disc bound journal, I love the fact that you can take out the pages and work on each one separately, then they just look like a card:-) It’s available in different sizes, mine is the 6″ x 6″.
Another great option and not so intimidating if you want to start a journal is the Jenine’s Mindful Art Awakenings mini Journal, a nice small size, great to work in and start out with.

But you can go ahead and make cards or a layout, just create that what fits you best.

You can also use a few colours ink, watercolours, markers or pencils for colouring.
I will be using the Cosmic Shimmer Pearlescent Watercolour Ink, this ink is fluid making it ready to go. With the inks, I’ll be using a brush, a regular brush or water brush will work both.

I have looked up a few colour schemes for you that go well with the purple, blue and teal in the rice paper. But you can go bold and bright too, just go with the feeling of the day.
You can find the colour schemes in a separate section, to keep things organized.

To add the rice paper to my page I use Collage Medium Crazing, you can use any other glue or adhesive you prefer and for that, I use the collage brush. The Collage Medium Crazing will give you tiny crackles once dry which give you fun options to play around with.
I will prepare some pages in advance as I don’t like to use the heat tool, which will be too noisy.

And in case you want to Moodle (a new style of doodling see info by Just Lou below) you will need some sort of black pen. A white pen is always great to have on hand to add a bit of contrast and maybe you like some colour too.

You can join me in making what I make and using what I use or you can dive into your stash. This goes for any or all of the supplies, using the same products will make it easier to craft along obviously.

The rest of the supplies are basic tools, adhesive and ink, also listed so you can prepare by having everything needed at hand.

As I am going to work with watercolours I will have some water and kitchen paper/towel or cloth at hand also.

If you like to browse the Mindful Moodling Products, I have added a link to those as well, so you can check them out.

Here is the visual supply list

Complete Mindful Moodling Products List

(P.S. when you click on one of the affiliate links in the list and buy a product, I will receive a small commission. Thanks so much for your support!)

Here is the replay of the Craft Along session, in two parts as it was quite a big file. Here is part ONE.

And here is part TWO of the replay of the Craft Along Session.

I have a few colour schemes for you to check out options to mix with the purple, blue and teal from the rice papers from the Just Lou Mindful Moodling line. And some may be quite surprising but will look great on your project. Just browse through to absorb some colour inspiration.

This colour wheel can be very helpful when picking colours to match or mix.

Bonus Material

Here is a sheet with Colourful Quotes to use on your craft projects, print them out, cut them apart and use them as they are or mix and match different words, it’s all up to you.

And here are the Wishing Well cards and tickets, add them to your cards, combine them into your design or use them to add something extra inside to go along with your written sentiment.