Hi lovely crafty friends, today two fun and fast techniques are waiting for you as well as I want to make sure that you’re fully prepped for Halloween. Because as we all know time flies and before you know it, it already happened yesterday, so you better get started right asap:-)

p.s. if you are afraid of messy fingers, you don’t want to do this, LOL

All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. Make sure to watch it to get all the best tips and tricks.

If you haven’t seen the Ink Smooch Techniques video yet, with 9 different ways to add colour to your backgrounds, make sure to check it out.

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

Besides the techniques I have some new friends I want you to meet. They probably are the cutest bats you’ve ever seen. 

From left to right we have Batty Boo, she’s a bit of a diva but in a really good way.

In the middle we have Benny Bat who loves to hang out with friends, upside down of course, he’s a bat after all.

On the right is BayBee Bat is the youngest of them all, she’s super curious, always wondering what adventure is waiting to happen. 

They are all available in my Gumroad Store with lots of fun Batty-Liscious Goodies!

The background techniques you can see in the video are super fast, in less than 40 seconds you can colour a textured background. Now that’s speeding things up!

I’m using Oxide Inks and both the Ink Pads ( SBC | SSS | JGG ) as well as the Oxide Sprays ( SBC | SSS | JGG ) are great for both techniques.

The techniques I show are a bit wet and my new favourite paper for techniques with fluid mediums and Mixed Media is Sizzix – Smooth Cardstock – White ( SBC )

It can handle fluids very well without bulging, I love it and can highly recommend this cardstock.

Not in the picture but also in the pack is BumbleBat, named after B-Bee, she was called Bumblebee at the breeder. Only fair as she helped me with the designs a lot:-)

BumbleBat is a bit mischievous, she loves to play with other friends and is always ready to meet new ones. 

Beside the four bats, there are fun quotes in both black and white, colour schemes and more. They come as a Digital Stamps Pack as well as a Printable Pack and you can find both versions in my Gumroad store

Here are some more pictures and close-ups of the card and Art Journal page I made.

Here we have BayBee Bat hanging out on an page in my Dylusions Creative Journal ( SBC | SSS | JGG ). Super simple with some Tim Holtz – Garden Greens ( SBC | SSS ) along the edges and finished with a fun and totally contradictive quote:-)

Sometimes simple is enough, as I always say, you can stop at any time:-)

I hope you enjoyed these fast techniques and loved meeting my Batty friends. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!