Hi lovely CFF’s, this year is a bit of a celebration year for Gerry’s Craft Room as it will be my fifth year on YouTube in September, yay🥳 And I think we can always use some extra fun in our lives, so I decided to do some different things this year. 

To start things off I have created a super fun mini-class where I am teaching you how to make your own stamps. In a few short lessons, you’ll learn how to make the coolest stamps and save a TON of money in the process.

Stamping is fun but buying stamps can cost you a truckload of money. Wouldn’t it be super cool if you could make your own stamps?

And I mean not in a “you need an amazing amount of new supplies” kind of way. Absolutely not, it will be “I have multiple options for you on how to go about this” kind of way:-)

In case you already know me I always give lots of tips and tricks on how to get the best result. As well as I have a few alternatives, so you’ll learn 4 different ways to make those stamps. I always like to have multiple options, just in case I run out of supplies to name one.

Besides that, I love thinking outside the box and I know you can do that too, I am going to teach you how.

So don’t let me keep you, because you can start right now with the mini class. With the short and sweet lessons, I walk you through the process of making your own stamps in 4 different ways.

Make sure to pin this to your favourite Pinterest board and share it with your friends. You know what they say, sharing is caring 💕

And now hop on board and start creating your own stamps. I will see you inside the class! You can enter the class right HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderfully creative day!