Stencils and pastes

Hi lovely crafty friends, are you struggling with getting a pretty copy of your stencil whenever you are using them with pastes?

Then keep on reading because I have created something special for you, to help you get over that issue once and for all!

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Maybe you remember the post about Stencils and Pastes and how you can get the best result. You can check it out by clicking the link. 

In the post, there is also a video where I share the best tips and tricks that will set you up for success.

If you haven’t seen it you can check it out above ⬆️

stencils and pastes guide

Maybe you are one of the people who love pastes and stencils and the look you can get with them. But you are really struggling to get those perfect stencil patterns on your craft projects. 

We all have been there, with paste seeping under the stencil, getting as much on top as under the stencil. Creating a wonderful pasted card with the stencil pattern hardly visible. Yep, I was there too:-)

One of the things I love is to think out ways to get a great result and repeat that over and over. The best way to do that is to figure out a technique that works and understanding why it works. So that’s what I did and I love to share it with you so you can get great results too!

That’s why I have cooked up something for you. Working with stencils and paste can be a bit tricky but not if you know the hacks to get the best result.  

This Guide gives you all the information you need to know about working with Stencils and pastes combined in a handy PDF Guide.

You’ll get the best tips and tricks that will help you get those perfect stencil patterns on your cards, art journal or scrapbook pages and other paper crafting projects.

The Guide also comes with a handy Cheat Sheet with all the tips in a row for easy reference.

You can get yours right in your inbox by simply filling out your information and the guide will be on its way.


So grab your guide and get the ins and out on how to create those perfect results on your projects.

When you download the guide make sure to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!


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