Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have something that I haven’t done in a while. Creating your own stunning flowers is not hard at all and it’s so much fun and very relaxed way of crafting. 

The flowers can be used on cards and gifts or any other way you see fit. I am using it to make a deco piece but it would be pretty on a little box too, to name something else:-)

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In the video I am going to make some flowers to use as decoration. I will show you my favorite way for flower making and two ways to colour them.

You’ll also see the best ever free flower tool in this video along with loads of tips as always. Make sure to watch it, to see the full tutorial.

If you haven’t seen the Messed Up Embossing technique video yet, make sure to check it out for more flower inspiration.

Making your own flowers is a fun and very relaxed way to craft. Using just paper and turn them into tiny masterpieces to fit any project.

This is most definitely one of my favorite ways to make flowers. I also love the grungy whimsical look

My flowers were added to a piece of greyboard along with some greenery. This makes a nice sturdy base and it won’t be visible. You can use a piece of cardboard too or wood.

stunning DIY paper flowers
stunning DIY paper flowers
stunning DIY paper flowers

Make sure to pin this to your favorite board so they are easy for you find.

And make sure to share them with your crafty friends, so they can enjoy it also, they will love it and it’s very helpful to me💖

Gerry's Craft Room backdrop

Then I added it inside my bookshelf to hide the metal thing that holds it to the wall. Because that was really bugging me:-) I think this looks way better

You have to give these flowers a try I know you’ll love it! And don’t forget to share your favorite flower making way in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!