secret to share

Hi lovely crafty friends (AKA CFF’s = Craft Forever Friends), today I have a little secret to share😱 And I am going to take you behind the scenes! Are you ready for a little tour, come on let’s go! 

I hope you are not shocked as I say I actually don’t have a craft room. Maybe you think it’s kind of a weird choice to name my website and YouTube channel Gerry’s Craft Room. I agree, but back when I started I did have a separate room, but now I occupy a corner in my living room.

And this summer we have been redecorating a bit, lots of painting adding colour to those boring white walls. Then next was my craft space, that needed to become more me.

Today I am going to take you on a little tour and show you how me and my husband gave my craft space a make-over. We had some old and some new and lots of blue:-)

This was my old set up I wanted a bit more storage space so we started with the desk and some kabinets. As always B-Bee was supervising, she’s so good at that:-)

 B-Bee was the first to test my new drawers, she fits right in:-)

new desk

So here’s the new desk with some cabinets with lots of drawers in blue, my favorite colour.

Now this was the easy part because I still didn’t like my backdrop when I was filming an intro for a video for instance. It was so super messy and totally distracting to me.

empty bookcase

Next was the bookshelf and we were going to paint that, so first we had to take out all the boxes and crafty goodies. This is what it looked like before we took it apart.

putting it all back together

And this is the result after painting, we started with a bright blue over the complete parts.

And then I gave it a white dry brush coat and after that a dark grey dry brush mostly around the edges.

And a lighter blue on the wall behind the bookcase.

new craft space

And this is how it looks now, my new happy place. I love how it turned out and even though it’s not quite done and perfect yet, I am very pleased with the result already. I am going to change and adapt some things as I go along, when using everything it will become clearer what works best for me.

When you are thinking of making changes to your craft space, just take little steps this way it’s way less intimidating.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!