Hi lovely crafty friends, Pop-Up Cards are among the coolest Paper Crafts you can do they are truly real eyecatchers.

The best thing is that you can get that amazing Pop-Up look in a very simple way. I’ll show you how you can make amazing Pop-Up cards.

To make it even more fun, you’ll get 2 different ways to add colour to your flowers. 

All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial make sure to watch. Crafting is a visual activity after all, plus you’ll get all the best tips and hacks. Besides that, you get to hang out with the wonderful GCR community of like-minded crafters.

(Among the Supplies mentioned are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

These cards are just perfect for Mother’s Day and other occasions that ask for flowers. With the added colour you can customize your flowers and make them pop even more to make them extra special.

These Flowers where coloured with Amsterdam Acrylic Paint [BlickArt Supplies][Joggles.com][Amazon.com]. This super easy technique is great to add a nice splash of colour super fast.

To make the white splats I used ready to use Amsterdam Acrylic Ink [BlickArt Supplies][Joggles.com]. This will create a more organic effect, making it look more playful.

In case you don’t like to use paint, use the broad tip of markers instead. It’s another fun and fast way to add some colour and texture to your flowers.

The white dots on this card where made with a Posca Paint Marker [BlickArt Supplies][Joggles.com][Amazon.com] Posca Markers contain paint that will give a good opaque result even on bright coloured surfaces.

On this card I used the Poing-Poing technique, a very special technique I made up as I went along😉 The randomness of adding the white the “Poing-Poing” way looks more organic.

For an even more dimensional effect, you can add some extra flowers flat on the card. It’s a super simple way to create more depth and add that extra wow to a card.

In a previous shorts video I showed the STUNNING POP-UP Flowers Paper Craft 🌺 😍 

You can use two different colours flowers for another amazing look. With contrasting colours you’ll create a splash of colour for sure.

These Stunning Pop-Up Cards are doable for crafters at every level. Give them a try and have lots of fun!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!