• Try The Minimalist Crafting Approach

    crafting the minimalist way

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today we are going to relax and keep it simple. Especially when you are busy or have a lot going on, simple is a great way to go. When you don’t have to think about what to use choosing from lots of different supplies, but just pick one or two items […]

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  • Creative Ways To Use Vellum

    creative ways to use vellum

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have something I always seem to forget about. I do love it but somehow it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, vellum. Almost everyone has it and it’s so versatile and affordable too. So let’s check out a few ways to use it. https://youtu.be/L9RyEDw5tgI All techniques and […]

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  • Clever Ways To Use Your Foil Scraps

    how to use foil scraps

    Hi lovely crafty friends, foiling is such a cool technique and the results are amazing. But the thing with foil is those leftover bits with lots of pretty foil still on it. What to do with them? Obviously, you can’t throw them away:-) I am going to show you a bunch of ways to the […]

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  • Fail-Proof Alcohol Ink Technique

    fail proof alcohol ink technique

    Hi lovely crafty friends, alcohol ink is such an intruiging product and the results can be quite stunning. Like nothing you’ve ever seen. However sometimes the techniques are quite overwhelming whit lots of stuff and equipment that you need. While trying out a few ways to use the inks I stumbled across a super simple one. The results […]

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  • Extremely Cool Laminator HACK You Want To Try ASAP

    Laminator Hack & Crayons

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a super exciting technique, sometimes you have an idea in your head and you want to try it right away. This was one of those techniques:-) And it’s even better when the technique works out as you had it in your head. And this one did, with a […]

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  • Ways To Make Embossing Powder Stick Without Ink

    EP make it stick

    Hi lovely crafty friends, embossing powder don’t we all just love it! The melting and those yummy colours, plain gorgeous. But you often end up using just white or black or clear… Maybe out of convenience or you just don’t have a clue what to do with the coloured ones. Let me show you multiple ways […]

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  • Ink Only Backgrounds Using What You Have

    ink only background designs

    Hi lovely crafty friends, every now and then it’s fun to challenge yourself. Like using what’s on your desk or letting your pet pick your supplies. Today I am going for ink only cards and see where that will take us.  Are you up for a little challenge, then go grab some inks and let’s […]

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  • Winter WonderScapes Cards


    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have something super special. You know in winter you always see landscapes but never seascapes or water-themed cards. As they seemed to be reserved especially for summer. But I love the beach and go there more often in winter than in summer, our furbabies love it there as well. So I […]

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  • Slimline Fun Fold Cards Made From Scratch

    Slimline fun folds from scratch

    Hi lovely crafty friends, cards can easily be made more interesting with fun folds. Combine that with the popular slimline size and you’ll get you some cool card bases. Let’s go over a few simple ones and use up some scraps in the meantime. https://youtu.be/mCBBldl8MKs All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. […]

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  • Christmas Card Time Saving Hacks

    Christmas cards time saving hacks

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have some time-saving tips for your Christmas cards. When you haven’t started on your Christmas makes yet, you may be in desperate need of some hacks to make your life easier. Well, I have some simple ones for you along with a few cards of course. All techniques and […]

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  • Try This With Your Embossing Folders

    Hi lovely crafty friends, there is something incredibly cool about embossing folders. Ever since I saw the first one I was hooked. I think it’s because of the instant texture, I just simple love a good old bit of that. You can use embossing folders with paper but that’s so obvious. So lets try another way to […]

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  • Let Angelina Take Your Cards To The Next Level

    angelina fibers

    Hi lovely crafty friends, it appears that crafting is a great way to meet interesting and amazing like-minded creatives. And I have met a new friend, after a few months of keeping her to myself, I am ready to share her with you She shines with a sparkling personality and she’s incredibly colourful. she’s also great at bonding and even though […]

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