• Simple Way To Make An Amazing Two Ingredient Water Effect

    two ingredient water effect

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a gorgeous bubbly clear water effect that’s pretty realistic as well. Not only did I use just two ingredients to create the water. It’s also super easy to do and quite a bit of fun as well. All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. Make […]

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  • Stop Obsessing On How To Make Cards For Men

    cards for men

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have some cards to show you it’s not hard at all to make cards for men. Stop overthinking it and just make cards for people, that will be so very helpful. That also may help you out of that place where you are stuck for ideas and make some […]

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  • Craft Along Flip-O-Dex

    craft along flip-o-dex

    Hi Lovely CFF’s, I want to announce a special edition for the Craft Along, this one will be all about the “Flip-O-Dex”. We will be making one from scratch and some cards to add to it as well. This will make such a great gift for birthdays or create them for the coming holiday season. […]

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  • 20+ Best Ink Spray Practices Every Crafter Should Know About And Use

    ink sprays

    Hi lovely crafty friends, love them or love them loads, ink sprays are a super cool craft supply. They can make super-fast backgrounds, they are versatile and an incredible lot of fun.  Today I share my favourite ways to help you enjoy your sprays even more. I walk you through all the things I have […]

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  • Craft Along Simple Mixed Media

    raft Along Simple Mixed MEdia

    Hi Lovely CFF’s, I am super excited to share the new date for the next Craft Along! It’s going to be Wednesday, September 1st at 3 PM CEST – 9 AM EDT. The Craft Along will be interactive, you can join me in making some pretty projects. We will be working with rice paper, stamps […]

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  • Super Cool Simple & Fast Way To Colour Your Backgrounds

    tube swipe ink spray technique

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a super cool and fast way to make some backgrounds. I love ink sprays and trying different ways to use them is so much fun. When I came across this technique I had to share it right away, you’ll want to try this yourself for sure. All techniques […]

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  • Fresh ONE OF A KIND Envelopes From PLAIN To PRETTY

    envelopes plain to pretty

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I want to share one of my favourite things to do in crafting, playing with patterned paper. The colours are already there so no need to get messy and you can layer your heart out, so to speak:-) This time I did my take on window envelopes and adding a little […]

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  • How to make your snail mail extra special by adding a WOW effect

    Just Lou Mindful Moodling

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have something special I want to show you. How about trying to add something that will give your cards that extra WOW factor in a super simple way. Just an extra bit of surprise when the receiver opens the mailbox. https://youtu.be/z76Pp_GkrZg All techniques and ideas are shown in the […]

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  • SUPER CLEVER WAYS to create ONE OF A KIND designs using SMALL STAMPS

    small stamps

    Hi lovely crafty friends, what’s better that stretching your products, or make small products bigger if you will. Today I have a bunch of fun techniques to turn your small stamps into big designs.  In the video, I show you different ways to make your smaller stamps the star of the card. Below are the […]

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  • How To Make A Cool Shimmer Water Effect With This Simple Technique

    shimmer water effect

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have a fun water effect. Water is so fascinating and super cool to try and recreate it on your projects. To make it more fun I have added shimmer to create some pretty sparkling water and of course, it’s not hard at all. In the video, I walk you […]

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  • try ONE COLOUR INK to add INTEREST to your backgrounds

    one colour ink

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have something fun again, I have teamed up with a bunch of crafty friends and we are all keeping it simple. With just one colour ink it’s possible to create some pretty cards and it’s not hard at all. In the video I show you a bunch of different […]

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    envelope cards

    Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have two different double cards with pockets, both in a vintage style and very easy to create. The pockets are super simple to make and will give you the option to add something extra on the inside of the card, you can even use them as a mini-album https://youtu.be/8mEjzE8wyEc […]

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