Hi Lovely Gerry’s Crafty Friend (GCF),

We are very serious when it comes to one of your most precious possessions, your privacy. Because we are an international community the privacy regulations are a bit of a challenge, as there are no worldwide agreements on this.

Gerry’s Craft Room is registered in the Netherlands at the Chamber of commerce and does therefore abide by GDPR. The GDPR is very thorough and one of the strictest privacy regulations out there so be sure your data is safe with us.

In this privacy policy, you’ll learn about what happens to the personal data that’s collected and how your privacy is secured to the fullest extent of our capabilities. Note that if you follow Gerry’s Craft Room at Social Media Platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest, they have their policy on Protecting Data which are beyond our control.

Privacy Policy here we go

Gerry’s Craft Room is the company of Gerry van der Velden and is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Breda under number 66672244. Wherever you read “we” in this policy or on this site, I am talking about me and my husband who helps me out with his amazing computer and other skills.

What are the data that we collect, for what reason, how long do we keep them and what are the legal reasons for collecting the data?

Let’s start with the GCR community members

The GCR community exists of thrifty crafters from all over the globe who love to try fresh and clever craft techniques and find enjoyment in crafting being their authentic selves. Once you join the community by signing up for the newsletter, we ask for:

  • Your name
  • Your email address

we then get to see your IP address

+ we can see your social media account name and photo or avatar that you have on your social media accounts

When you send us a message through a contact form, email or on our Social Media we may receive any additional information that you share voluntarily. We don’t keep official track of this data and strongly advise against sending any personal information without consulting us first. We collect data to welcome you as a GCR member and to be able to send out occasional newsletters with freebies, the latest news and other things that may be of interest to you as a paper crafter. The reason we do this is that you asked us to when you first signed up for the newsletter. Permission is the legal basis, if for any reason you wish to leave the community, you can always do that by unsubscribing from the list.

Receiving your emails is always a pleasure and they are almost always deleted right away after reading them. Sometimes emails are kept for a longer period like a few months, so that they can be referred back to, to remember ideas or requests you have sent or to respond to on a later date.

Any replies, comments or request done on our social media platforms will stay there until they are deleted by you. However, when we decide that a response is inappropriate or compromising in any way, we are at liberty to remove that response.

Affiliate Links

In most Blog Posts on the website, you can find the tools and supplies and other products that I use and / or highly recommend. The links to most of those products redirect you to the relevant merchant that sells the product or service. When you click on any of the affiliate links and decide to make a purchase with this merchant, they give me a small commission in return for recommending the product. When you purchase the product, a cookie is placed on your computer, so the merchant knows that you came from Gerry’s Craft Room and used a GCR affiliate link, so they are able to reward the commission. With your purchase you support GCR, so a big thank you for that!

When you buy a GCR product in the GumRoad shop or one of Gerry’s Craft Classes a course or printable to name two options, you become a GCR customer. The permission legal basis then turns into a contractual agreement. From our customers we collect bank account numbers, delivery details, where applicable and we keep track of your purchases if needed for delivering your purchases. We are legally obliged to keep this information for 8 years after purchase for our own administration.

We also may use this customer information for legitimate interests, meaning that we want to give you, our customers and visitors, the most optimized and personalized experience possible by using marketing techniques.

GCR Partners

There is a great group of affiliate partners, according to Dutch legal and tax duties we collect as much data as we are obliged to from these partners. This data consists of names, addresses, company info, contact info, social media account names and photos, bank account numbers, pictures, audio, or any other footage or data we receive or make during the assignments. We collect this data so you can help us expand, enrich, and make the GCR community livelier. Legally this is called a contractual agreement. We will keep your business files for at least two years after you stopped being a GCR Partner. The data that we need for our own tax administration will be kept for at least 8 years. The data and footage that is published within the PUL community or online will remain for as long as the community lives.

Who can access your data?

Only me and my husband have access to the information we collect. Your information is only passed on to other parties if that is needed to be able to provide you with our services. These parties are for instance:

WordPress which is the website platform the GCR site is on, works together with third parties as they explain in their own Privacy Policy for service providers, law enforcement and application developers. WordPress respects the EU-US privacy shield conditions. For GCR community members this may in rare cases reflect your name, email address, and IP address.

  • Google Analytics as mentioned below, 
  • IT service providers parties that collect reviews, or supply hosting services,
  • Partners that help GCR out with doing business such as our affiliates

With the third parties that receive personal data, we conclude data processing agreements.

Social Media as third parties

There are some social media channels we use to provide community info. Mainly YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. All these social media channels have their own privacy policy that you have to agree too, in order to see our content. These channels collect a lot of your personal data on their behalf. Note that we are not responsible for such services. These channels do not return personal data to us. I am financially compensated in a small way by YouTube because of the success and reach of our Community.

The cool thing is that you as a member financially support me by simply watching Gerry’s Craft Room footage, isn’t that amazing.

Other third parties

We will NOT sell your personal information to third parties. in the case of suspicious situations, we are obliged to share customer information with government authorities. Be sure that we do not use your data for profiling.

Where is your personal data saved?

We save your information in several databases, and we always use strict safety measures. Your information is saved within the European Union or is passed on to countries outside of the European Union, which ensures that your privacy remains protected in the best way possible as officially determined by the EU. Some American parties are registered under the Privacy Shield, which provides sufficient protection. Alternatively, we work with official EU designed model contracts, which are specifically set up to safeguard your privacy.

We respect your rights

When it comes to your personal data, we respect your rights. You’re entitled to ask us to edit your details, delete them completely, or restrict their usage. Would you like to access your personal details (which mostly consist only of your name, email address, and a part of your IP address), or receive a copy? Just let us know by email, we’ll return your message with the technical details that we have on you. Inform us when you object to the use of your information for marketing purposes or let us know that you feel your privacy weighs more heavily than our interests. We’ll review the situation in this case. Do you want us to transfer your information to another party? Although we may not have a lot of data on you, we will, of course, abide by this GDPR obligation. Send us your request and we’ll make it happen. Of course we do want to make sure it’s really you. That’s why we can ask for additional information to establish your identity. We also do this when we receive unclear requests. You can file complaints about our way of working with your personal data at the Dutch Privacy Authority, there however is no English web form on their site, but you can call or write your complaints in English, they will sort it out.

If you want to leave the GCR community, you will surely be missed, but we will let you go as soon as you unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of every newsletter. 

What’s with those cookies?

Cookies are yummy but this is about the tracking cookies, functional cookies are the ones we collect. These cookies help us to give you the best GCR experience; such as monitoring whether you view our content on your mobile, desktop, or tablet, so we can display the website properly. You do not need to give us permission for these functional cookies.

We also favor analytic cookies. We use Google Analytics and these cookies help us to figure out what our GCR community desires the most at a certain moment. This helps us to pitch new ideas when the community is waiting for it. We do not collect your individual data for our Analytics. We collect anonymized data such as your region, and how long you have visited the website. We’ve actually made arrangements with Google Analytics that they will also only track your anonymized data. They don’t file your full IP address and don’t send you ads because of your visit to the GCR online community website. Google is not allowed to share this data with others. You do not need to give us permission for these cookies.

Earlier in this statement we told you about the use of affiliate links. The affiliate links use tracking cookies and the shop has a cookie pop-up notification to give you a warning in time. If you don’t use the affiliate links, we do not place any tracking cookies.

Maybe you do not like any cookies at all, make sure to change this yourself in your browser settings, there you can turn off our cookies and JavaScript.

Please note that the GCR website, and any other website for that matter, does not work optimally if you do so. How to turn off or delete cookies is explained by your browser. Below are the hyperlinks to all browsers we know for your convenience: ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerEdgeSafari (iOS)Safari (macOS).

If there are questions or suggestions after reading this, please send us an email, with PRIVACY in the subject bar, so we can get back to you soon.

This privacy policy was last edited on January 3th 2022.

Many thanks,

Gerry van der Velden