I have many favorite craft products and Ranger Alcohol Inks are definitely among them. The colours are so vibrant and each one has multiple colours in them so it’s super easy to get gorgeous texture and amazing results to make pretty backgrounds, cards, art journal pages or mixed media projects.

Alcohol inks are pretty easy to work with, from super easy and fast techniques up to a bit more advanced but still very doable for the beginner crafter

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Working with alcohol inks is so cool and if you haven’t tried it I can really recommend it because it’s so much fun super easy and a relaxed way of crafting. Alcohol inks are amazing to craft with and the results are always gorgeous with hardly any effort.

Above is a video where I show you how you can create a water look. There is lots of alcohol ink inspiration on my YouTube channel, so if you haven’t seen the Easy Textured Alcohol Ink Background Ocean Scene that you can see above, make sure to check them out

Another water effect technique video to watch Craft Hack Alcohol Ink Faux Water Technique to name another one. 

The new Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Spectrum 3 Packs ( SBC | ELH | JGG ) were released in the beginning of 2020 on Creativation. They are available in 5 different colour schemes, all vibrant and irresistible.

The Tim Holtz alcohol ink Spectrum are the same inks as regular alcohol ink, but they come in groups of three colours that go well together because they are from the same spectrum. They are also available separately which is great if you are new to alcohol ink or want to try them out. 

Here is the alcohol ink colour chart for you to check out the new colours. The Colour charts are also available to download if you want to collect the kits, the separate colours or want to stay organized, here are the Alcohol Ink Spectrum Kits Colour Chart and the Separate Alcohol Ink Spectrum Colours Colour Chart for you to download and fill yourself with these gorgeous colours.

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ranger alcohol ink collection colour charts

Alcohol Ink collections and kits

The Ranger alcohol inks have grown to a very extend collection, with loads of colour to choose from. The alcohol inks come in collections kits as well as the colours are all available separately. 

ranger alcohol inks
ranger alcohol inks

Here are all colours together, the inks have many shades which makes it so easy to create gorgeous projects. The different shades also add to the depth of the design.

If you like using the inks, it’s very convenient to have a colour chart to keep track of them. I find the colour charts also help to spark your imagination and can help you jump-start a new project. You can dowload the Alcohol Ink Colour Chart here.

alcohol ink storage and organization

Alcohol Ink Storage and organization

when you like using the alcohol inks, you will find some sort of storage system would be convenient. I highly recommend the Ranger Ink – Alcohol Ink Storage Tin ( SBC | ELH | JGG | RNG ). It stores up to 30 bottles and with the added colour dots on the cap it’ll give you a great overview.

alcohol ink storage and organization

In my storage tin I also added the same colour ink in big dots on the bottom to make it easy to add them back in place when you are done crafting.


Even though Yupo paper is the surface that is often mentioned in one breath with Alcohol inks, there are other options for papercrafters.

Vellum to name one is a fairly cheap translucent paper that goes perfect with the alcohol inks.

In the picture you can see  three different kinds of vellum that work well with the alcohol inks. Bazzill Basics – 8.5 x 11 Vellum – White – 40lb ( SBC | ELH ) and Hero Arts – Layering Paper – Classic Vellum – 48lb ( SBC ) that are quite similar a nice sturdy vellum that can be used in lots of different ways on your paper crafting projects.

Another great vellum is Lawn Fawn – Vellum – Pearlescent – 27lb ( SBC | ELH ) And even though I thought it was quite flimsy when I felt it the first time, compared to the previous two, I am super excited about it because the pearlescent property is so gorgeous especially combined with the vellum. It’s actually a got to try product:-)

You don’t want add products to vellum that are to wet as fluids will cause the vellum to bulge but with the Tim Holtz – Alcohol Ink Mini Applicator Felts ( SBC | ELH | JGG ) just the right amount of ink is added with the vellum staying perfectly flat.


alcohol ink felt applicators

You can use the  Alcohol Ink Mini Applicator Tool ( SBC | ELH | JGG ) but if you already have the Ranger ink blending tool for working with inks you only need the felt applicators as they will fit because it’s the same size tool.

The felt applicators will also fit on the Scrapbook.com – Ink Blending Tool with Domed Foam Applicators ( SBC ), so that’s another option if you have those.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!