re-use used wet wipes

Hi lovely crafty friends, remember that pile of wet wipes I produced last week? I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if I could use the dry, soft and fluffy ones again? 

So that’s exactly what I did and I had a lot of fun doing so, let me show you!

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It was quite a pile of wet wipes I made last week, with the easy and fun wet wipe painting technique.

Once the wipes had dried a lot of them were super soft and fluffy, so I thought of another way to use them. Be sure to watch the video for all the best tips.

If you haven’t seen the video where I make the pile of wet wipes yet, make sure to check it out

re-use used wet wipes

I was so much fun playing around with the wipes and along with that I also used some other “tools” to create these backgrounds you can find for free.

I love re-using or using free finds in my crafts. Actually, I made a complete class all about that with “Stamping without Stamps”, you can click here to find out more.

Or sign up below for the free mini-class to learn how to make your own stamps, which is part of “Stamping without Stamps”.

re-use used wet wipes

Besides the wipes, I used alcohol ink which is always a great product to create some gorgeous, colourful and textured backgrounds.

re-use used wet wipes

Next to the gorgeous rainbow cards I created some simple ones too and I used Yupo paper, but you can even use vellum to work on. Because vellum and alcohol ink is a great combination too!

In case you missed the post about the vellum combined with alcohol ink, make sure to check it out! 

re-use used wet wipes

Once you get started you’ll see you have a pile of pretty backgrounds re-using those used wet wipes. Making it a total win-win in my book. Have lots of fun putting those used wipes to use!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!