Hi lovely crafty friends, water effects are always intriguing and super cool to use on your craft projects. Every year I seem to come up with a fun new “water technique” but I totally missed that this year.

So it’s about time again and I have a new one for you!

All techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. Make sure to watch it to get all the best tips and tricks.

In this video, I am giving Wonky Willie some water to swim in. If you haven’t seen the DIGITAL STAMP HACK video yet, make sure to check it out.

Or go to the DIGITAL STAMP HACK post and grab your freebie while you are there:-)

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

For this card I used the Tim Holtz 3D Embossing Folder – Crackle ( SBC | SSS ) as that makes some excellent moving water shapes. It’s an older folder that I never seem to grow tired of.

For the background I used the new 3D Embossing Folder – Industrious ( SBC | SSS ) to add a bit of an old ship look. Combined with a bit of “rust” on a blue background makes the colours really pop.

Below I have some close-ups of the finished card.

This week I worked on drawing Wonky Willie’s friends, from left to right, Treena-Dee, Happy Humphrey and Moody Mathilda.

They love swimming and exploring the ocean together and you can let them swim too. They are available in my Gumroad Store as printables along with fun fishy quotes and as Digital Stamps. 

This is what you get in the printable pack:

  • Four printable sheets with Wonky Willie & Friends in 3 different sizes including the mirror images.
  • 2 sheets with fun fishy quotes black on white with a black border in two different fonts.
  • 2 sheets with the same fun fishy quotes white in a black box in two different fonts.

A total of 23 different quotes in four varieties to finish your projects. And to top it off you’ll get the BONUS Bubbles!

Wonky Willie & Friends are also available as Digital Stamp Pack.

I always love to discover new cardstock that can be used for different kind of projects, including working with fluids or wet mediums of sorts.

For this card I used Sizzix Smooth Cardstock – White – 60 Pack ( SBC ) and it holds up really well with ink spray. It stays firm and doesn’t bulge so this is a new favourite that I can highly recommend!

Another product I tested was the Sizzix SILVER Luster Wax ( SSS | SBC ) It’s a shoe-polish like product that you can use to colour or high light. Even though it’s similar to other brand wax products, I like the fact that it comes in a glass jar with a metal lid that has sort of a rubber ring inside that seals the jar really well. So the wax is better protected from drying out.

It also comes in a small package which is great for cardmakers and small mixed media projects. It does smell a bit like peeled oranges to me, not very important but just so you know, LOL

Typical Mixed Media cards can use a lot of supplies as you can use about anything on them. Of course you can always shop your stash and get some cool finds there, you know those forgotten ones everyone has, LOL. They often make great additions to add interest to the design.

Have fun giving this technique a try. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!