sizzix embossing powder colour chart

Sizzix Embossing Powders are new to the Sizzix product range and they are gorgeous. The Opaque powders have a very subtle shimmery sparkle in them and they come in bright happy colours and a few neutrals and they will look great on your craft projects.

In this video tutorial you’ll see a bunch of fun techniques with the pretty Sizzix Embossing Powders. You’ll also see a nifty DIY Embossing Wand that will be a great help with embossing smaller die cuts and sentiments for instance. It’s very easy to make and you’ll see exactly how you can make one and how to use it.

So be sure to watch the video to see some super cool techniques in action.

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Sizzix Embossing Powder colour chart

The Sizzix Embossing powders are super fine and so are the glitter bits which makes melting the powders real fast and easy.

The subtle glitter bits that are in the embossing powder will give you a light sparkle but not the glitter mess from a real glitter embossing powder. The twenty colours with their beautiful shades can be combined or mixed, they will blend real easy, giving you lots of options for different techniques.

You can use the colour chart to pick your favorite colours or as a reference to collect them and make your own colour chart. 

The jars have wide openings which makes pouring excess powders back easy peasy.

In the Pink / Red colour spectrum there are Ballet Slipper ( SBC | SZZ ), Cherry Blossom ( SBC | SZZ ), Sorbet( SBC | SZZ ), Primrose( SBC | SZZ ) and Hibiscus( SBC | SZZ )

In the Yellow / Orange Spectrum are Caramel Toffee ( SBC | SZZ ), Mango Tango ( SBC | SZZ ), Banana Blast ( SBC | SZZ ) and Limoncello ( SBC | SZZ )

In the green spectrum we have Mint Julep( SBC | SZZ ), Lush Leaves( SBC | SZZ ), Green Tea( SBC | SZZ ), Agave ( SBC | SZZ ) and Mermaid Kiss( SBC | SZZ )

sizzix embossing powder

And in the blue / purple spectrum there are Bluebelle ( SBC | SZZ ), Arctic Sky( SBC | SZZ ), Lavender Dust( SBC | SZZ ) and Purple Dusk( SBC | SZZ )

There are also two greys available Cobblestone( SBC | SZZ ) and Earl Grey( SBC | SZZ )

And new in the range are the gold, silver and clear 3-packs Sizzix – Making Essentials – Embossing Powders ( SBC | SZZ )

Make sure to pin this colour chart to your favorite Pinterest board. And save it to print out later and fill it yourself with the different colours.

Below are all Sizzix Embossing Powders and helpful tools and other products to use with the powders and heat embossing in general.

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