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Hi lovely crafty friends, making special different and “out of the ordinary” cards is so much fun and the results are quite stunning.

Because I have had such great responses on the “Secret Lock Card” that it got me thinking. So I cooked up another one for you and the fun part, it is not hard at all.

As always all techniques and ideas are shown in the video tutorial. Make sure to watch it to get all the best tips and tricks.

I recently shared a Secret Lock card that cause some excitement. If you haven’t seen the Secret Lock Card video yet, make sure to check it out.

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

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My card base is regular cardstock, and to decorate I used the BLUE NIGHT SKIES Moon Flower Paper 6×6 Pad ( SSS | JGG )

To decorate I combined it with the PAPER ELEMENTS Moon Flower Die-Cut Block ( SSS | JGG ) for the embellishments. A die-cut block is a fast and easy way to add some interest and a focal point to cards and other projects. 

The Moon Flower paper pads come in two colours, for this card I used  PURPLE NIGHT SKIES Moon Flower 6×6 Paper Pad ( SSS | JGG ).

They both combine great with the PAPER ELEMENTS ( SSS | JGG )

And to help you out I have put together a GUIDE with all the measurements, you can grab your copy below ⬇️

I have all info for you put together in a new Guide ready for you to download. You can get yours by clicking the button, enjoy!

And the cool thing is that you can easily turn this card into a gift card wrapper. Just size it down to fit a gift card, ad some corners and you’re done.

Instructions are also in the guide!

Have a great time making your own “Slide To Hide” cards. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!