We are already to card #7 in the series Marianne Design designer of the month.
With the nice pictures of Tiny’s winter sheet you have a good base, good for an instant winter feeling.

I cut Anja’s circle out of a sheet of Eline’s paper bloc silverstar and then 2 times out of kraft paper. I glued the layers together. After that I applied gesso with the dry brush technique to bring out the embossing parts more.

I cut out two pictures from Tiny’s wintervel.
The biggest I’ve glued behind the circle and it fits perfectly, very handy!

The little picture I cut out with the doily-like inner circle and also 2 times out of kraft paper, the layers I glued together.

Behind the small lines next to the circle I glued snow paper.
And behind the rest of the open details I glued a dark sheet from the paper block.

The whole I taped on two slightly larger sizes and different colors Papicolor paper and all together on a Kraft Card.

Happy Crafting!
Gerry van der Velden