Hi lovely crafty friends, I have some new cards and tickets for you. I made the original Brown and Red version in 2018 as a fun freebie for you to download, the second one was a light grey and pink version. A few weeks back I decided to make some new colours.

I added a bunch more different colour combinations to pick from to make it even easier to them match them to your projects.

I have a video on the cards and ways to use them and I show you all colours in the post below. If you can’t wait to get started with these fun cards and tickets, you can download the complete pack with different colours Cards & Tickets right here.

These cards are made as a thank you to everyone who has been supporting Gerry’s Craft room, we have such an amazing community here at GCR and you’re all so very supportive and I am very thankful for that.

In the video I show you a few ways how you can use the cards. And I’m sure that you have even more ways to incorporate them on your projects so make sure to share that in the comments.

Here are the different Colours available 

cards and tickets brown and red

These are the first cards I made in a brown and red version. With the different words and sentiments in the love and hugs theme. 

Here’s the grey and pink version with a bit of a softer look if you like a more feminine style. I bet you know someone who would love to receive this. 

Another colour combination of the cards and tickets is the Teal and Brown version, that’s pretty neutral. This can make anybody smile.

Here’s the Brown and Pink version also a soft look but with a bit more colour. Another fun combination to make someone smile or use yourself.

Lovely cards and tickets pink

And last but not least, another Pink and Brown combination, with a bit more of a bold colour. Great for anyone who can handle pink:-)

Grab your pack!

Here are they all together, you can grab the complete package with all the different colours right here.

Have lots of fun using them and make as many people happy by sending them the cards and tickets. Make sure to leave a comment below, on how you used them, love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!