trash into trinkets

Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have some scraps that I will be using to finish my cards. And yes I mean those teeny tiny pieces that always end up in the trash.

Because among them you can find the cutest of shapes and I for one are all for using as much cute as possible.

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

In the video you’ll see how you can use those tiny pieces and turn them into super cute trinkets on your projects instead of throwing them away. You’ll also learn how to do the stacked stencil technique with paint.

Besides that, I share some tips and tricks of course to make it super easy!

If you haven’t seen the double stencil collab video with my crafty friend Ardyth yet, make sure to check it out.

trash into trinkets

Here are the finished cards made with the added bits. This is a total win-win, with less waste and more fun.

And its glitter come on, who throws away glitter? I know I can’t:-)

trash into trinkets

Using those little bits that we usually discard, is so cool. Because they can totally add that bit extra to the look of your card.

trash to trinkets

The double stencil technique on the background is so amazing that it doesn’t need much, just finishing it with a sentiment and a coloured notecard is just perfect.

trash to trinkets

A bit of glitter goes great with the matt colours of the paint, to spice it up a bit. Well, glitter is a fabulous choice almost anytime.

trash to trinkets

So make sure to check those pieces that fall off before you ditch them and use them to pretty up your card:-)

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!