stamping without stamps challenge day 1

Welcome to day #1 of the “Stamping without Stamps” Challenge. This is going to be fun, do you have your paper and ink pad ready? You can choose to craft right along with me or watch the video and then get started.

I believe it’s so much fun to use your craft supplies. Buying new things is great but if you don’t use them it’s kind of a waste, right? What’s better than using your stash in different ways, to create different effects and get amazing results.

That’s what the “Stamping without Stamps” Challenge is all about. Learn to see options instead of obstacles!

The great thing besides having lots of fun, is the super cool results you get. You can all that with stuff you have in your stash and things that you have right at home. And possibly never thought of using in your crafting.

There are a bunch of things you see me use in this challenge. I have a cheat sheet for you to download, with the supplies. Just know that besides the paper, ink and some mark making tools the rest is optional.

You can prepare yourself and have everything ready before watching the video so you can craft along. 

Here’s the video of Day #1 of the Challenge. With the little wheel at the bottom you can slow down or speed up the video. And for your convenience there are English captions available.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video, have you crafted along? If not, you can start right now and make sure to have fun and enjoy the process! 

Here’s the link to day #2 of the challenge.