stamping without stamps challenge day 1

Are you ready for the second day of the challenge? We are going to build on the foundation made on the first day. If you have seen my video’s before you know I love to layer:-) So that’s what’s on the menu today, have lots of fun. And don’t forget to craft along, you can get those three projects done too!

By the way if you are more of a card person than a tag or Art Journal person, you can use all techniques to make cards. And the same goes for tag lovers or Art Journalers. Take the techniques you like and use them to make your favorite projects! Or just copy everything on your favorite projects:-)

Great job you are already past halfway in this challenge. Here’s the link to day three of the challenge. Just one more day to go, you are well on your way!

ps: on day #3 I have a little surprise for you!

(With the little wheel at the bottom you can slow down or speed up the video. And for your convenience there are English captions available.)