stamping without stamps challenge day 1

And it’s already Day #3 in this challenge, you’ve made it so far! Today we are going to finish up the three projects. Adding the finishing touches and some cool sentiments.

Did you have fun crafting along? I am so proud of you using your stash and enjoying the process.

If you are still in the starting up fase, that’s ok too, I know you can do this. You deserve some time for yourself, it’s up to you to claim it!

So let’s get started with the video of Day #3, get your projects ready and craft along. Let’s wrap it all up!

(Remember that with the little wheel at the bottom you can slow down or speed up the video. And for your convenience there are English captions available.)

Are you ready for more?

Are you all spiced up and had some Stamping without Stamps fun? Well if you are up for it, there’s more, lots more to be exact. I have a Stamping without Stamps course for you. In this course you’ll find much more “stamps”. You’ll learn how to make your own simple stamp tools. You’ll learn about stamp basics, inks and colours so you can get the best results. You learn different techniques to make backgrounds and more. Here is the link that will take you straight to the course.

In the course you make a tag bundle, with all techniques and mark making tools. This will give you a great reference bundle to jump start a new project or boost your imagination when you are stuck. You can also create a mini album or binder if that’s more up your alley.

This will give you a great instant idea bundle to jump start any new project. Stuck for ideas? Check back in your tag bundle to look for a fun pattern, texture of background technique. You can find out more about Stamping without Stamps right here.

I hope you had lots of fun diving into your craft space to craft along. If you’re not done quite yet, you can finish your projects at your own pace. 

Make sure to grab your download.

I promised you a little surprise yesterday, I have a sheet with the sentiments that I used in the video. The sentiments are in black and white and ready for you to download and use on your own projects

Have lots of fun using them on your own projects!