the Swirly vines die by Creative Expressions is so pretty and with so much detail, on this card I used it in whole without the square dies. together with the Perfect Peony, one of my favorite flowers, it was a super fun  card to make.

the base for my card is Papicolor light pink. for the patterned paper I chose Dirty Pastels by Joy!Crafts thid time. I distressed and torn t
he edges. After that I dry brushed with gesso to soften up the color a bit.


The Swirly vines I cut out of Patterned paper and then cut in half. The 2 arts I glued to the card with glue only on the straight lines, this way it stays a bit more playful.

I cut the Perfect Peony flowers, crunched them and put them together. I also cut the leaves and maidenhair fern. After that I dry brushed them with gesso.

And then the fun  part, putting it all together. I first divide the flowers and leaves on the card to determine where I want them, and then I glue everything on the card.

And finally I made hearts in the flowers, this time with mini pearls, I made a short video to show you how I did that.

Happy Crafting!
Gerry van der Velden