The Incredible
Texture Techniques Course

Discover mark making tools you already have and start right away with this super cool crafty adventure. 

Are you looking for new ways to use paper crafting supplies you already have?

Unlock your creative potential by learning to see options instead of obstacles. Learn to use what you already have and discover “new” items that can be used for stamping.

Does this sound like you?

You want to learn super cool and fun paper crafting techniques, to spice up your projects. But you do not want to add to loads of supplies to your stash or break the bank before you can even start.

You’re so tired of craft supplies piling up that, if you think about it, you already know you will hardly ever use. Just because you have no idea what to do with them or where to begin? 

You may have the best craft supplies but you often find yourself stuck, not knowing what to do and where to start. You would like a solution on how you can jump start your projects.

You are not looking for just another class. You’re looking for someone to take you by the hand and help you learn you to think outside the box and use craft supplies in ways you’ve never dreamed of.

You're not alone!

You are not the only one...


Who would love to take a paper crafting class but doesn’t like to buy more supplies before knowing if they even like it.

Who finds herself lacking crafty MoJo and doesn’t know how to get it back.

Who thinks she doesn’t have the right supplies, or to make just that one project she needs to buy more craft goodies.

Who wants to start with a project and finds herself sitting at a desk and all ideas suddenly seem vanished.

Who thinks she doesn’t have it in her to see the less obvious options of different craft supplies not even to mention the non-craft supplies.


Imagine the possible

Enter the amazing world of texture!

Wether it is about the colourful backgrounds or about the various mark making tools, there is lots of texture to find in Stamping without Stamps.

From subtle and soft looking to more bold designs, it’s all there and you can adjust it anyway you like to go with your style and taste.

With the reference tag bundle, binder or mini album you’ll be making throughout this course, you’ll have loads of inspiration to jump start your future projects. You can check back for ideas, a fun technique or use combinations to get started.

And the best thing, you can start right away! 

The ultimate Mark making discovery course

Stamping Without Stamps

Stop adding products to your stash and dive in Stamping without Stamps. This is the perfect course for you if you want to to spice up your crafting with things you already have right at home. With fresh and clever techniques for you to enjoy and use on all your future craft projects.

Make your own inspiration tag bundle, binder or mini album with techniques and ideas to have at hand to jump start your new projects.

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the things you will learn in the Stamping without Stamps. You can practice and create the new techniques right along with me throughout this course.

One colour ink challenge

In the course we will dive in the world of texture with fresh ways to add those to your craft projects. You’ll also learn to make your own backgrounds so you have a great base to start any craft project you like.

What else is in the course?

Video & written Lessons

Inside the course all techniques are shown in easy to follow video’s were you get tips and hacks to get the best result. There is  also written material to make sure you get the optimal learning experience.

printable cheatsheets

You’ll get printable sheets to fill with the different textures and patterns you’ll learn in the course as well as a fillable sheet to keep track of your own finds.


In the course you’ll find lots of resources to dive deeper into the material covered. This will help you understand more of the materials used, use of colors to make sure you get great results everytime.

Student review

I enjoyed the course and I continue to use it as a source when I am working on new project ideas. One of my favorite things was the tag ring. I created one using the ideas in the course, and then began adding to it as I created new backgrounds for my cards and MM creations. I now have a “tag” reference library of almost 25 backgrounds. This has greatly enhanced my card making!


Student review

“This is a very informative class and one that has remained relevant to my card making and other paper crafting projects! Employing the techniques I learned has elevated the composition of my greeting cards and journal pages. This is a great course for crafters at every level!”


YouTube Channel review

Getting the most from supplies are my favorite tutorials. I do like seeing a product used several ways. That way I am apt to try it. Thank you for all I have learned from you and there have been many techniques I have tried because of your videos.


YouTube Channel review

Your videos are full of valuable, interesting, fresh ideas about making cards that stand out. You oversee a wide range of techniques that not require a big investment just a time and desire to create. Originality is your brand. Your cards vary from cute and funny to classy and elegant. There are no boring repetitive cards on your channel. You have it all. Thank you very much for sharing your artistic talent with us.


Is Stamping without Stamps for me?

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Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Gerry

I live in the Netherlands with. my husband and our two Papillons. Growing up as a child there were always lots of creative options for me and my sister. And I have done it all, knitting, embroidery, making little boxes, painting, drawing. But somehow paper crafting always came back throughout my while life.

After teaching life classes for up to 40 people. Making boxes, scrapbook projects and mini albums I designed, I was hooked I knew then that was what I wanted to do. Teach others crafting skills and techniques. 

The classes where all about learning new skills and techniques to boost the creativity of the students.

Surprising students with new and unexpected ways to use craft products is one thing I love.

Turning trash into treasure is one of my favorite things along with getting the most out of craft products.

Add having lots of fun in crafting to that, and you have a good picture of what I’m all about.

As seen in:

Gerry Craft Room logo

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-paced course, you can start right away after purchase and you can take all the time you need. You can also come back to check or re-take any lesson whenever you need to.

Once you’re payment is received you’ll get access to the complete course at once

Besides ink or paint there are no basic supplies you need, you can get started with what you have.

Yes you get lifetime access to the course for as long as the course runs. If the course should end for some reason you will be notified a year before it closes.

Yes you can pay with PayPal

As you’ll get access to the complete online course at once, there will be no refunds.

Are You Ready To Get Started?​

Let me take you on this super exciting crafty journey, expand your craft skills and enjoy yourself with super cool and fun fresh techniques to use on all your craft projects. 

I’ll see you inside the course!

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Stamping Without Stamps. You can email me directly at gerry@gerryscraftroom.com to get in touch and I’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.


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