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What students say…

I enjoyed the course and I continue to use it as a source when I am working on new project ideas. One of my favourite things was the tag ring. I created one using the ideas in the course and then began adding to it as I created new backgrounds for my cards and MM creations. I now have a “tag” reference library of almost 25 backgrounds. This has greatly enhanced my cardmaking!


“This is a very informative class and one that has remained relevant to my card making and other paper crafting projects! Employing the techniques I learned has elevated the composition of my greeting cards and journal pages. 
This is a great course for crafters at every level!”


The first thing you notice is Gerry’s friendly, easy-going manner. 
The second is how the classes make you look outside the ‘stamp’ box, you start to look at things totally differently.
I like how Gerry makes the most everyday objects into stamping possibilities. You start looking around your home & neighbourhood & wonder if you could slap some ink on to get an impression


Gerry's Craft Room backdrop

Meet Your teacher

Hello, I'm Gerry van der Velden

I live in the Netherlands with my husband and our two Papillons. Growing up as a child there were always lots of creative options for me and my sister. And I have done it all, knitting, embroidery, making little boxes, painting, drawing. But somehow paper crafting always came back throughout my whole life.

After teaching life classes for up to 40 people. Making boxes, scrapbook projects and mini albums I designed, I was hooked. I knew then that was what I wanted to do. Teach other people crafting skills and techniques. 

The classes where all about learning new skills and techniques to boost the creativity of the students.

Surprising students with new and unexpected ways to use craft products is one thing I love. Turning trash into treasure is one of my favourite things along with getting the most out of craft products.

Add having lots of fun in crafting to that, and you have a good picture of what I’m all about.


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