Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have the most AMAZING DOUBLE STENCIL technique ever. This was so much fun because when I came up with the idea, I just had to try it right away and it worked. Which is not always the case:-)

That is the most fun thing in crafting, seeing your ideas come to life. And of course I have to share it with you!

(All supplies are linked to different stores at the end of this post in the thumbnails. The different stores are also linked behind the product name. Among them are affiliate links that may be used at no cost to you.)

The video is part of a collaboration with Ardyth Percy Robb and we had so much fun putting the video together, I think it shows. Ardyth is going to put my technique to the test and gives her best tips to make it work.

So you’ll get double the stencils, double techniques and double the fun!

So sure to watch today’s video to see all techniques in action!

The technique is in two parts, and is very addictive, just so you know. You can use one or two colours ink like on the grey and brown cards. These light colours give the cards a pretty elegant look.

On these cards I used a mix of three blue-ish colours with a lilac on the right added for contrast. 

The mix of light and darker colours make this or these techniques pop even more. And yes, I wasn’t done yet, because the results are so cool!

These are my favorites, the colour combined with the snowflakes, definitely give these that wow factor.

With just the one technique for the card on the right and the double-double technique for the card on the left. The pink really adds to the depth with the little white edge creating even more texture.

With the greens and black these cards definitely make a gorgeous masculine colour scheme.

The stencil has a pretty sleek design and not quite my style. But with this technique it gets a bit of a grungy print which is pretty awesome. Together with the ink blending I think it’s a perfect match.

And the last pair, when using Distress Oxide inks always try it on black or dark coloured paper. Because of the chalky property you get a totally different but very cool effect with the same colours.

Now it’s your turn to double it up, have a stack of cards ready and have fun. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!