Hallo lieve knutsel vrienden, vandaag heb ik een post helemaal over de producten uit de Tonic Craft Kit 21 die los te verkrijgen zijn. Naast de exclusieve producten die alleen in de kit zitten zijn er ook verschillende producten zoals papier en kleurproducten en gereedschap los te koop. Ik heb ze allemaal op een rijtje gezet met links zodat ze makkelijk te vinden zijn.

Hi lovely crafty friends, today I have  a post all about the products from the Tonic Craft kit 21 that are available separately. In addition to the exclusive products that are only included in the kit, various products such as paper and color products and tools can also be purchased separately. I have listed them all with links so that they are easy to find.
There are some affiliate links below, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Thank you so much for your support!

9077e – Classic Card – Maroon Red
This a is great basic card to use as a card blanc but also works with dies, it cuts perfectly. Available at  [Tonic Studios USA]   [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

9049e – Classic Card – Navy Blue
This a is another great basiclike the previous card. Available at  [Tonic Studios USA  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

9512e – Pearlescent Card – Ivory
This is a smooth card with a gorgeous pearlescent shine. It a nice quality great for creating a base for a card and it works also great with dies. Available at  [scrapbookcom]  [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]
9825e – Specialty Card – Golden
This pretty gold shiny embossed card is super pretty and great to use on your craft projects. It cuts like a charm with die-cut s and is also great to add fun details. Available at  [Tonic Studios USA  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]
9832e – Specialty Card – Copper

This is a gorgeous detailed embossed paper of a nice thick quality. Available at  [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK] & [CraftStash]

9808e – Specialty Papers – Champagne
This is a soft cotton paper which works great as a layer and it can be cut with the guillotine cutter, just make sure to hold it well with the push down strip. You can also sue it with dies, I suggest to add thin adhesive film first then to make it easier to work with. 
Available at [scrapbookcom]  [Tonic Studios USA]   [Tonic Studios UK]   [CraftStash]

9875e – Specialty Papers – Floral
Nother cotton paper with the same properties as the previous paper. And it’s blue so in my eyes gorgeous as it is my favorite colour, I love anything blue:-) Available at [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK] [CraftStash]
9940e – Glitter Card – Gold Dust
When in doubt add glitter, and you can do this mess free with this gorgeous glitter paper. Available at  [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

214n – Diamond Ink Pad – Poppy Red
I have not tested these inks much, this is what they say on the Tonic Studios site: 
The high quality felt pad contains highly pigmented colour giving you a perfect image every time. This permanent fast drying ink is waterproof and smudge proof, making it ideal for colouring with the Nuvo Alcohol Marker Pens. 
Available at  [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

1705n – Expanding Mousse –
Boatyard Blue
This is a super fun product, it can be used in the same way as the embellishment mousse and you can also let it expand which is so super cool, after applying. just heat set it with a heat tool and see the magic happen Available at  [scrapbookcom [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

Nuvo – Gilding Flakes – Radiant Gold
This is a great product to add fun gold details to your projects by using the Glue pens or to add to a complete background on tape or double sided adhesive film. Available at  [scrapbookcom [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]  [CraftStash]

Nuvo – Glue Pen
These glue pens are available in three sizes and work great with the Gilding Flakes. The glue stays sticky, dries clear and can also be used with glitter.

Nuvo – Glue Pen – Medium
Nuvo – Glue Pen – Smooth Precision

984n – Dual Ended Blender Brush –
New Style
A brush for buffing or blending and they can also be used to brush off excess gilding flakes. Available at  [scrapbookcom [Tonic Studios USA]  [Tonic Studios UK]

En om het helemaal compleet te maken dit is de eerste video met de producten van Craft Kit 21 met Gilding Flakes Technieken.

And to make it complete, this is the first video with the products of Craft Kit 21 with Gilding Flakes Techniques.

De tweede video met nog meer kaart ideeën.

The second video with more card ideas.

En de derde video met mixed media stijl kaarten en manieren om nog meer uit je producten te halen. Ik hoop dat je deze post leuk vond, bedankt voor je bezoek!

And the third video with mixed media style cards and ways to stretch your products even more. I hope you liked this post, thanks for stopping by!