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Quotes and Sentiments

With these exclusive Gerry’s Gems Quotes and Sentiment sheets, you have the perfect finish for your art projects. They come in different themes that will give you lots of options. Variation makes crafting and making art so much more fun and it often doesn’t take much.

And squeezing as much fun as possible in your day is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Cards & Tickets

The Cards & Tickets are a set of fun and upbeat sentiments, words and lines. You can use them in different ways, just cut them out and add them to a card or gift to name one. I made these a few years ago and still love them. Because they are perfect to use to cheer someone up, to make them smile or even laugh.

And as laughing is healthy you’ll be doing them a big favour!

Step-By-Step Guides

Instead of struggling and trying making art is so much more fun when you know what you are doing. The different step-by-step Guides will take you through the process, making you a project pro. With the Guides, you learn what works and how so you can get the best results on your projects.

And then make art, have fun, eat, sleep, repeat:-)

Art Starters

Here are the Art Starters, a collection of cool, fun, kind interesting words that you can use to spark your imagination, get those creative juices flowing. You can use them in different ways, just try what’s your way.

Pick the one or more that speak to you or feel best for this day and get started, sometimes it’s that simple!

Colour Palettes

Because everyone gets their inspiration in a different way. Colour always does the trick for me I am a big colour fan:-) Some pretty palettes, a mood board or colour schemes are a great recipe to get started. Besides the colours, the shapes and textures of the inspirational pictures are a great help as well. 


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