Tri fold card ideas

Hi lovely crafty friends, today I want to share something different than usual, I don’t make much odd shaped or special folded cards, or shaker cards for that matter, it’s not how my mind works:-) So with these Tri-fold cards I am a bit out of my comfort zone, but it’s so easy because the dies from the “Just For You Tri-fold” die set take al the thinking out of it for you. And guess what I even made a few shaker cards, when you are outside the box better make the most of it, right?


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The new big Tonic Studios Designers Choice set has lots of options to make pretty cards and as usual the dies are very well designed and fit perfectly, so assembling is easy peasy. 

I also have a few outside the box ideas to share so make sure watch today’s video to see all techniques in this tutorial.

designer Choice complete die set

Designer’s Choice Just For You Tri-fold 

Here you can see the complete Designers Choice Tri-fold Card die set with the three big base parts and the separate sentiment dies that just can be cut out of card or added on a mat.

There are also a lot smaller decorative dies like flowers, swirls and the cutest dangling heart die and with a total of 25 dies it’s a really big set with lots of possibilities.

If you like to read a bit more about Jodie the designer of this set, Tonic Studios has added a little interview on the site were she tells you more about the inspiration for creating this set and all the fun elements. You can check it out here for the Tonic Studios USA site and here on the Tonic Studios UK site.

tri-fold and tri-fold shaker card

The First Two Cards

For the first card I have a basic Tri-Fold card and I made a shaker card with the same dies. On the basic card I used a Red-White colour scheme cardstock only, very simple but would be great as a Valentines card. I used Craft Perfect Weave Textured Card Cherry Red ( CST | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) and Bright White ( CST | TNCUK | TNC )

For the green card I used Craft Perfect Weave Textured Card – Pistachio Green ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) for the card base panels. I used Glitter Card Welsh Gold ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) to add some sparkle with the added details.

For the card base I used the Craft Perfect – Card Blanks – Bright White – A2 ( SBC | TNCUK | TNC ) which make a great sturdy card base and a big time saver when you have a lot of cards to make or if you don’t want to cut your own cards.

tri-fold card base

For the first two cards I used the three base dies, so there is no cutting or measuring required as that is all done for you. 

close-up red and white card

For the red and white card I have cut panels in red and white. The red on red colour is a bit harder to see as it is a darker colour so I decided to add some white to make the pattern stand out a bit more.

With the darker colours layered the intricate details and sentiment are harder to see then with lighter colours, so adding a layer or inking edges will make the design pop better.

green tri-fold

In this close-up of the green card you can see the same colour added on top of each other it shows much better then with the darker colour. And even though I kept it pretty basic using the green for the biggest parts the added glitters details make it a fun card.

shaker part with sequins

Here you can see the sparkle of the Nuvo – Pure Sheen Sequins – Champagne Shine ( SBC | CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) that goes great with the Glitter Card Welsh Gold ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC )

sequins up close
shaker card close up

I made a second shaker card in black and gold and I used the same sequins as for the green card. 

The Sequins come in a pot with different sizes from teeny tiny up to regular size and this even adds more sparkle as they shake better than one size. 

black gold shaker card

For this black and gold card I used the sparkling Craft Perfect – Glitter Card – Black Sapphire ( TNCUK | TNC ) combined with the shiny Pearlescent Card – Onyx Black ( TNCUK | TNC ) along with Craft Perfect Glitter Card Welsh Gold ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC

It’s fun to use different textures together to create some interest and with combinations of card alone it’s super easy to get a gorgeous effect.

double tri-fold card

Double Tri-Fold Card

For the big card I used the three base dies again. I cut the two smaller panels two times, once on the good side of the cardstock and one more time on the back.

So when I have the good side of the paper facing up then I have a regular panel and a mirror one.

I used a mix of three colours for the base of the card, Craft Perfect Weave Textured Card Mauve Purple ( CST | CRF | TNCUK | TNC ) with Aubergine Purple ( CRF | CST | TNCUK | TNC ) combined with Craft Perfect Glitter Card Silver Screen ( CST | TNCUK | TNC )

double tri-fold card detail

Here you can see the details of the layers in and on the card, which creates extra depth and dimension.

double tri-fold bottom part

And here you can see the mirror panel with the added flowers to hide the gaps where the letters were cut off. I used the ball tool from the Tonic Studios – Crafter Embossing Tool Set ( SBC | CST | CST | TNC | TNCUK ) to smoothen out the back of the panels on that I cut on the back of the cardstock to get the second mirrored piece.

designers choice just for you tri-fold

About the January Designers Choice Set

The Designer’s Choice Just For You Tri-Fold Die set is exclusively available at Tonic Studios UK and retails for £19.99 and at Tonic Studios USA and retails for $19.99

Below I have some more card ideas for you to use with this month’s set or you can check your stash to dig up some fun die you already have.

two tone simple card

Keep It Simple

With just two colours and the biggest panel of the dies you can make fun combinations too. The different sentiment dies give you lots of options.

I like the effect of cutting out and adding on to get a fun layered effect and dimension on a card without any difficult techniques.

white on white card

With the big base die you can make quick cards too, without making the complete trifold, this is an easy way to stretch the die set and getting the most out of it. And it will also give you the option to make your creation more divers so it’s fun to use the set over and over.

On this card I used white on white which gives a complete different look, and it will work for all year round and it’s fun to try out with different shades of white. 

I thought it was a great match with the just married sentiment die.

closeup white card

I hope I gave you some fun ideas for your own cardmaking, with this set or with any dies you may already have. 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to keep on crafting!