Hi lovely crafty friends, I am a firm believer in using my stash. That’s one of the reasons I show so many different options and techniques with the same dies stencils inks and so on.

I’d love for you to also check your stash first, whenever you want to start a project. Adding to your stash is great if you need something new. If there is one die stamp stencil that you really love and you see yourself using over and over.

Of course just go for it!


Having loads of craft supplies lying around can be totally overwhelming. 

When you don’t have projects that need to be finished at a particular time, you start piling them up. And it’s very well possible the piles come together at some point. Then you start moving them around on the desk a bit. Eventually they end up in a box to get them out of the way.

Sounds familiar?

I love new supplies as much as the next person, but there is just so much you can do in a day. And do you really need the complete new set of inks, dies or stamps from your favorite craft company?!

So just start opening those boxes and dig through those piles. When you have to work with what you have right now, just see your options instead of obstacles.

Let’s focus on what you have and not what you lack. Once you have the use your stash mindset, you’ll see that you will love it.

Let’s just decide to have fun in crafting and enjoy our crafting time. And this year let’s just distract yourself.

In September Gerry’s Craft Room is 5 years on YouTube, I have loads of fun things planned. I am looking into doing some webinars where we can interact a bit more.

I’m almost finished with the makeover of Stamping Without Stamps. The super cool course that’s all about finding options over obstacles. You’ll learn about the coolest mark making tools you already have right at home. You can find out more here.

I plan on creating some more courses this year, so many more super cool ideas I know you’ll love. And I will keep you posted on that.

For now, no matter how things go let’s decide together, we are going to make 2021 a fabulous crafting year. Because crafting is what we love and what we can always enjoy.

And absolutely most definitely make sure to keep on crafting